The University of Tampa founded the University Broadcast System (UBS) in 1946. UBS was created to facilitate and develop the growing need for radio broadcast studies at UT. UBS was founded by Professor Ray A. McGillivray in the fall 1946.

A few years later, UBS dramatically increased its size and power with the accusation of a brand new studio and an FM frequency. UBS received an impressive gift of a thousand watt transmitter from David Smiley. UBS obtained a FM license from the FCC and on Christmas day 1952, WTUN 88.9 went on air. WTUN had corporate support from WDAE and WFLA, both financially and technically with a dedicated staff of students and professors. In 1954 McGillivray was replaced by Professor Franklin A. Moody.

On November 5, 1962 WTUN switched over to WTUN 580 AM. WTUN ceased FM operations because it was unable to raise the money needed to replace aging studio equipment. WTUN ended all operations during the fall semester of 1965.

36 years after WTUN first went on air, WUTZ was born in 1988. WUTZ was the call letters given to UT's new radio station. The senior class of 1988 donated $16,000 to establish the student run radio station. WUTZ 1070 AM went on air on September of that year. However, come January 1989, WUTZ was already facing financial difficulties. However, in the 1990's WUTZ began to progress.

In 2004 Adjunct Professor Valerie Ingram Hinkley became the faculty advisor and WUTZ changed it's call letters to WUTT in 2005.

Currently, WUTT is a student run organization funded by Student Government. WUTT is a volunteer organization but is also assisted by course members from COM 250. WUTT holds weekly meetings on Thursday from 6 p.m. Each semester WUTT elects students to hold various leadership positions in the organization. WUTT currently broadcasts on campus channel 95, 1080 A.M. and on wutt.ut.edu.

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